Three Common Reasons You May Experience a Dental Emergency in Parkland

There are different reasons people call an emergency dentist. A dental emergency can be overwhelming, particularly if you do not know when a dental problem is an emergency case. Dental emergencies are conditions or injuries that require immediate attention from a dentist. This could be to stop tissue bleeding, prevent infection, or relieve serious lain. When not treated right away, a dental emergency Parkland may result in further problems like tooth instability, spread of infection, and tooth loss. Dental emergencies can occur because of the following:

Poor Hygiene

To avoid having to visit your dentist late at night, you need to take care of your teeth. Thus, you must brush your teeth at least twice every day and floss regularly. Also, do not miss your regular dental checkups. When you neglect these activities, you may experience dental issues, including dental cavities, tooth decay, and infection. Because these are painful conditions, you may need to take an emergency trip to a dentist. 

A lot of people don’t take their regular dental cleanings seriously. However, this will only result in further issues. Your teeth must be checked and cleaned by a dentist regularly so you don’t develop serious oral health issues. During these visits, your dentist can identify and treat issues they discover before they become late-night issues.

Trauma from Falls

A serious fall can cause you to knock out or break your teeth. In this case, you need a dentist to fix the issue. For small teeth cracks, dental bonding may be able to repair the damage. For bigger cracks, a dental crown can be used to cover them. In addition, if you have a knocked-out tooth, your dentist will try to put it back in place. But the success of such interventions depends on how quickly you see a dentist. This is the reason you must call your dentist as soon as possible following the injury. This way, you will know your treatment options. 

Sports Injury

If you are active in sports, you need to always wear a mouthguard during sports engagements. Your dentist can design your mouthguard to make sure it fits perfectly. But while the device is helpful, it cannot completely get rid of the risk of sports-related injury. During a sports activity, you could break or crack at least one tooth. Sometimes, the physical contact can also knock out at least one of your teeth. When this happens, your dentist must evaluate the damage to your teeth to determine the best treatment approach. 

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