Which Is Better, PRK or Lasik Refractive Surgery?

The best refractive surgery, between PRK and LASIK, depends on each patient’s need and eye type. Both types of surgery have advantages and disadvantages.

LASIK surgery has the following advantages: recovery is faster, and there is no postoperative pain. Disadvantages: it is not recommended for those who do intense physical activities since, even if the corneal flap is healed, it can be displaced if any trauma occurs. In addition, the cost is higher for using 2 different laser devices: Femtosecond Laser and Excimer Laser.

In PRK surgery, recovery is slower and pain in the postoperative period is more common. As advantages, there are no complications with the flap, and the cost is lower. Only with the evaluation of the ophthalmological examination and the corneal topography is it possible to know which surgery is most suitable for each one.

What Are The Risks Of Refractive Surgery?

Refractive laser surgery, also known as “myopia surgery,” features two main techniques PRK and LASIK. With the development of medicine, fortunately, today, complications are rare. However, no surgical procedure is free of risks and complications. Some examples of occurrences after laser refractive surgery are halos around lights, drier eyes, and corneal infections.

Does Refractive Surgery Hurt?

Before refractive laser surgery (“myopia surgery”), numbing eye drops are used to remove any pain. Some people feel slight discomfort.

Which Examination Is Necessary To Perform Laser Refractive Surgery?

For refractive laser surgery from Kraff Eye Institute for example, or “myopia surgery,” a Corneal Topography exam is required, where the doctor will evaluate all cornea measurements and see if it is possible to perform the surgery.

How Does Refractive Surgery For Myopia Work?

Laser refractive surgery (“myopia surgery”) reshapes the shape of the cornea (the transparent part at the front of the eye). In those with myopia, the eye is more elongated, or the cornea is more curved than normal; this causes the image to form in front of the retina (back of the eye). In myopic refractive surgery, the laser will flatten the cornea, causing the image to move posteriorly and form appropriately on the retina.

Hat Is The Value Or Price Of Refractive Laser Surgery?

It is impossible to say what the cost of refractive surgery is because the price varies according to each patient’s eye type and the technique used. In general, LASIK refractive surgery from Aurora PRK for example is more expensive than PRK surgery.

How To Perform Refractive Surgery Through Sus? Where To Get Free Refractive Surgery?

SUS does not cover the costs of laser refractive surgery, so it is impossible to perform it for free.

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