Clear Signs That You Need To Seek Therapy!

You don’t have to be on the brink of a breakdown to seek help and therapy for mental health issues. Unfortunately, the stigma around mental health is real, and a lot of people believe that visiting a rehab or therapy center will turn them into psychos. Therapy is not about using many medications or drugs. It has a lot to do with encouraging patients about their wellbeing, suggesting simple mindfulness exercises, and other assignments, so that they focus on their quality of life and have a better control on what and how they feel. Now, if you are not sure when to seek therapy, here are the signs you keep an eye on.

  • Feeling sad, unhappy, depressed, or angry all the time. If you are irritated all the time or feel unhappy for no apparent reason, you may want to retrospect your current mental state. Keep in mind that these feelings can trigger other kind of responses. For example, you may eat or sleep a lot more than usual, or you may not feel on the top of your game, even when things are going okay. Do not let these feelings set in for a long time.
  • Restoring to drugs, alcohol and sex. A lot of people deal with these feelings and thoughts by restoring to other means, such as substances, drugs, alcohol or even sex. This could be the result of compulsive behavior, and you are probably using these things as a means to hide what you really feel.

  • You are in isolation. A lot of people with mental health issues tend to go in isolation. If you are not talking to others as usual or are liking your loneliness, you may want to consider seeing a therapist. This is important because isolation can trigger other things, including thoughts of self-harm or suicide. Make sure that your normal life is not affected because of what you feel.

Therapy is more helpful than most people imagine, and it is always a wise idea to actually seek help from a friend or relative before going to a center. If you want professional assistance, find a clinic that specializes in mental health issues and can offer solutions like DBT that are not very dependent on drugs. With therapy, you can change the way you look at a current situation and may not have to depend on medications to improve your life.

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