Herbalife Nutrition Experts Offer Tips on Various Exercises You Can Perform during Social Distancing

Everybody around the world is feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of us have been maintaining social distancing and sheltering at home over the past month or so. Staying home all the time is not necessarily easy, however, this period of social distancing does not have to bring out only negative impacts. In fact, you can take this opportunity to self-improve.

Herbalife Nutrition has various tips to give you an idea of simple exercises to perform alone or with others at home.

Enhancing Self-Care

One significant method of self-improvement is to incorporate an exercise routine into your daily life. Exercising enhances the release of endorphin hormones from the brain. These hormones boost feelings of excitement, your moods, and self-confidence. Exercise will also help to reduce stress levels while and keep your body healthy.

All you need is just enough space and access to simple equipment around your home. If you can spare around twenty minutes every morning or evening, you can perm a full-body workout. Try to incorporate ten to twelve reps of each exercise, and you can then repeat these exercised four times for a complete body workout.

Various exercises you can include in your home:

1) Push-Ups

Many of us are familiar with push-ups. They utilize plenty of muscles, making them a great body workout to incorporate. For the unfamiliar, to perform a push-up, lie face-down and then place your palms on the floor at shoulder-width. Place your feet so that the balls touch the ground, and then put your feet slightly apart. Raise yourself from the ground using your body. Keep a straight line between your head and heels, and to reduce sagging of your hips, contract your upper abdomen, and then lower your chest to the floor by bending your elbows.

2) Crunches

Crunches allow you to practice balance while exercising your abdominal muscles. For this exercise, get on the floor and place your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Keep your back flat, and then raise your right arm forward while lifting your left leg back. Bring your knee towards your chest and touch your elbow to your knee. Switch legs after you have done up to ten crunches.

3) Reverse Lunge and Knee Lifts

This body exercise helps to target the front and back of your legs. To perform it, stand straight up, and then take a step backward with your left foot. Sink to the floor such that your knee points down. It should feel as though you are applying some pressure on your back left toe. Ensure that your front foot stays rooted on the floor. Push upwards towards the initial position, and then lift your knee in front of you and hold for a second. Repeat this exercise with your other leg and then stay for another second.

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