Drug Rehab Information

What Is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab is a treatment process to counter substance use disorder or drug addiction. The complete treatment program consists of a detox program to start with and ends with maintenance and aftercare. Drug rehab is aimed at not only ending the drug use but also treat the client physically and psychologically, thus helping him to live a clean and sober life. Visit this link to Lighthouse Treatment Centre and find out more about how its drug rehab looks like in detail. You will see that this facility combines group therapy, physical exercise, behavioral therapy, learning, detox, counseling, and excellent food to help their clients.

Usually, drug rehab programs have a longevity of 28 to 90 days which is inclusive of detox for 3-12 days. Again, this varies from person to person. Some might need more than 90 days for additional therapy and healing, while some can engage in the shorter version that has to be followed up by outpatient care back at their homes.

Options Available

Lighthouse Treatment center offers both inpatient and outpatient settings of treatment. Visit this link to read about the procedure employed in both parameters.

  • In the inpatient setting, the client is kept back at the facility for 28-90 days, which is a safe place for them and undergoes an immersive rehabilitation program that is aimed at rebuilding and improving every aspect of their lives.
  • In outpatient drug treatment, the client receives his or her treatment while staying back at home or carrying out their daily life activities. The process is way cheaper and requires one to attend the facility once or twice a week. That being said, outpatient treatment is better suited for mild addicts since it requires great self-control and personal motivation.

What Is The Treatment Process?

A Typical Drug Rehab Treatment Will Involve The Following Steps:

  • Intake assessment is the first step wherein the client’s details on drug use and mental and physical condition, etc. is discussed. It might also be punched with interviews, tests, surveys, etc.
  • Detoxification: the detoxification processes help the patient go through the withdrawal process and symptoms. Sometimes medicines like Lorazepam are administered to make the symptoms bearable.
  • Therapy and counseling help the patient heal mentally and emotionally as well, thus preventing the scope for relapse in the future. This includes both group and individual therapy and counseling sessions with meditation and yoga mike activities.
  • Educating the clients on drug use, abuse, addiction, and relapse is a crucial step to help them live a clean and sober life.
  • The extensive maintenance or aftercare process at Lighthouse Treatment Centre helps the patient slowly glide back into healthy everyday life. 

A Final Thought

Drug Rehab will address every aspect of your emotional, psychological, and physical problems and help you recover. You can expect CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, family therapy, group therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, 12 Step based sessions, motivational therapy and interviewing, and individual therapy sessions at Lighthouse Treatment Center, all performed by professional and expert doctors aided by advisors.

Visit this link to find out more about drug rehab. The facility accepts a wide range of insurances like Aetna, beacon, MultiPlan, Meritain Health, and more, which will adequately cover a significant portion of your costs.

Read this post to find out that the effectiveness of rehab interventions depends on the quality of rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is often confused with treatment and this can make a difference between success and failure.

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